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Qaulity Control

Quality Control

Quality Control

What we do:

We carry out either on our own behalf or on behalf of our clients,’ measures that ensure the quality and accuracy of data being collected/analyzed using methodologies chosen and accepted for a particular study. This is usually guided by our quality control policy.

How we do it:

  • Unified training and briefing of the enumerators.
  • Respondent selection criteria are strictly adhered to.
  • Group interviewing technique (GIT) s.
  • Accompanying the enumerators.
  • Back checking; both physical and telephonic.
  • Rigorous enforcement; fraudulent enumerators are dismissed and reported to the relevant bodies such as MSRA for disciplinary action.
  • Logic checks of responses.
  • Rating responses are flagged off if filled in questionable manner.
  • Length of interviewing is gauged and if unreasonably short or long it is flagged.

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